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Lady Astrologer in India

Lady Astrologer in India

Get marriage and career consultation from Lady Astrologer in India

Why do many people fail in their married lives? In astrology, the answer is very much clear. A marriage house is the seventh house of promise whilst romance and love are lead by 5th and 11th house. So you should be aware and understand the way venus, mars and other house influence your married life. Many people live a perfect relationship. Imperfections in your horoscope can be correct by lady astrologer in India through suitable remedies.
When a person is got married or fallen in love they dream to keep their commitment and love for the rest of their life. But for many couples it doesn’t happen. The answer lies in vedic astrology. By, evaluating if a couple is compatible according to their charts, the astrologer gives the reasons of problems occurring in your marriage.

Planet Venus and Mars

are the two most essential planets keeping their secret for a happy marriage. When the position of these essential planets creates positive influence, a couple enjoys happy marriage. But if the factors are weak, several problems land in your married life.
For a happy and satisfactory relationship, astrologer evaluates:
a. 5th house that symbolizes intimacy and love with your partner
b. 7th house that shows essential factors of your married life and desire for love
c. 11th house that signifies happiness or pains in a married life
The feasibility of Manglik Dosha or Kuja dosha that results into late marriage, dissatisfaction with your partner or severe problems occurring in general life. In addition of reading your marriage horoscope and analyzing the problems, astrologer Maa sumedha devi ji also offers essential vedic remedies to solve the problems in your married life. So you can live your trouble-free and happily.
Career Astrologer
Career and money are one of the most complicated evaluations in vedic astrology with several factors included even for only general analysis. Keeping sufficient financial resources is certainly essential to live healthy and full. We encourage you to get exposure to your money and career fortune through our astrology reports and get remedies for poor finance provided by lady astrologer in India Maa sumedha devi ji At which time you will be financially secure is the most crucial question that everyone asks. We give very insightful answer for your question. It is a complicated question including Saturn, Jupiter and mercury and six out of 12 houses.
You may be in a career that doesn’t bring a lot of money to you but can be gifted in investing, you may be destined to receive inheritance or win a potential sum of money. No matter the problem, without proper effect to the fulfillment of your desires, you will never be able to fully access or enjoy the wealth that you earn. Therefore we offer several astrological reports to meet your needs. If you have doubts about how to start, Maa sumedha devi ji will offer you a comfortable environment to begin easily so you can explore the major areas of concern. Get in touch of our lady astrologer for the lifetime career remedies.