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Astrology means knowledge of light leading to the almighty God. It is associated to Vedas which is a source of immense knowledge of universe and its mysteries and universal spirituality. R.K. Sharma ji the Best Astrologer has acquired extreme knowledge about universe and its mysteries and universal spirituality. She keeps in depth knowledge in astrology field to help people in different sorts of life. Vedas are considered to be the oldest volume known to mankind from several years. Although vedic science has its application even in the present time as well.

These were recognized by rishis

who have forwarded their wisdom to the future generation. The basic tradition continues till today however a part of the information is written down. Vedas put questions and answers related to our real life, birth and death, suffering and happiness, happiness, poverty and wealth, consciousness and the eternal. Vedas are the oldest symbol of religions that have been in use for thousands of years even vedic science is significant in the present time as well. Vedas were recognized by Rishis and the tradition continues to today. Vedic astrology is set up to enable us observe life with better clarity. It is a system utilized to evaluate, forecast and enhance the daily lives of general people. In addition of materialistic things, Vedic astrology can be named as spiritual astrology that shows the level of spiritual evolution in a person and theory to implement to achieve the ultimate aim. Vedic astrology was created to weight and access spiritual quotient of the related person. To make it useful for people, different kinds of their problems such as career, business, finance and family have signs in Birth chart to interpret. There are principles for explaining the indication. Still the opinion changes among individual. A way to calculate positions of planets in sky is called as Drak Pratyay that refers to see from earth. The surprising fact is position of astronomical objects, their speed and changes are already calculated by ancient saints that fully match with modern observations made by astronomers. Rishis had not used any instruments for observing movements of planets. Vedic astrology includes some specific type of calculation after making the birth chart. The divisional charts are calculated that show some type of life. Thereafter dasha periods are calculated. These depend on degree of natal moon. Dasha show effect of major period for specific length of time. Depending on this you have peripheral view of your life. Strength of the specific planet is also calculated to judge capacity of the planet to influence the various incidents of life. Vedic Best Astrologer evaluates the planet conditions at your birth time. This is to receive an insight in the destiny patterns influencing us. This information is viewed with regards to what birth chart tells about our daily lives. Vedic astrologer R.K. Sharma ji helps in aligning your life and shows better ways to improve your life in sense of self, study, career, finance, health and spirituality that are intertwined with your likes and dislikes.